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Personal Training - St.Helens
your goal is our goal

Intimidated by the gym or just not getting the results you desire?

How would you like to lose a dress or waist size in just a few short weeks? Personal training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.

Whether its cardio exercise for weight loss, strength and core stability work for toning or an improvement in stamina we will make a training plan suitable for your needs and goals.

Fat Loss through Personal Training
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Wanting to improve your Strength? Power? Speed? Endurance? Agility? Balance? and/or Flexibility?
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Its not about fighting, all the classes here are designed to increase fitness levels which in turn increases your health and at the same time teaches you self defense. It's also perfect if you do sports like football/rugby etc to increase your fitness and stamina.
For any unanswered questions or to book a session, call the gym on 01942 725 778
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